Rose Ritch & Omar Garcia

Senate Candidates

Rose Ritch Statement

Hello! My name is Rose Ritch and I am a sophomore pursuing a double major in Sociology and Law, History, and Culture with a minor in Dance. I am running for the position of USG Senator with the intention to change the campus culture in order to help ensure that USC remains a place where students are able to thrive in their academic, professional, and personal lives. For this past semester, I have been serving as the Vice President of Religious and Spiritual life at USC Hillel as well as the co-president of Trojans for Israel, a bipartisan political group. Through these two leadership experiences, I have gained the experience of leading meetings of 50+ people and moderating discussions between students with vastly different views, while enhancing my relationship building skills. I also have had the pleasure of working in the Kaufman Dance Operations Division, which has been a great way to build my administrative abilities. Lastly, I have had pleasure of being an original member of Nice Jewish Queers, a new organization for Jewish students in the LGBTQ+ community.


Omar Garcia Statement

Hello! My name is Omar Garcia and I’m a sophomore pursuing a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Programming. It is with great pleasure, passion, and privilege that I submit my application to serve as an Undergraduate Senator. My goal as a senator is to change the campus culture in order to improve the quality of life through emphasizing the importance safety and wellness on campus. As a first-generation college student and as a child of two immigrants I understand the struggles and hardships of being pressured to reach excellence. A pressure which cultivated a strong work ethic with an emphasis to lead. I am a part of the Latino Business Student Association, Trojans for Israel, Troy Camp, and a Resident Assistant at New North. Through my experience as a student and as an RA, I have seen how important our mental health resources are to students. I am ready to partner with USC to create a movement towards better health for all of today’s and tomorrow’s Trojans.


Platform Points:

Changing Campus Culture

● Inclusive climate
○ Cultivate first generation student experience
○ Continue USG commitment to counter hate speech
○ Advance faculty cultural competency training

● Transparency
○ Call for financial transparency from USC administration
○ Promote developments at Engemann Health Center
○ Publicize impact of Zero Waste Initiative

● Safety and wellness
○ Extend Lyft and Campus Cruiser boundaries and hours
○ Advocate for effective mental health resources
○ Improve policies in de-escalating mental health crises
○ Protect student privacy in emergency situations