Michaela Murphy & Meagan Lane

President & Vice President Candidates

Joint Candidate Statement

In meeting through USG Senate, Michaela Murphy and Meagan Lane developed a strong relationship sharing ideals of collaboration, involvement, and responsiveness, and worked alongside one another to pass legislation like the USG Diversity Fund. Running for the offices of President and Vice President respectively, their platform focuses on: Sustainability, Campus Resources, Campus Climate, Civic Engagement, and Student Health. Setting ambitious goals is a testament to their dedication to improving the student experience, with continuing projects including the New York Times subscription program, the Permanent DREAMer Center Resolution, improving scholarship access, and promoting diversity through improved admissions outreach.

After transferring to USC, Michaela became the senior advisor for the USG Senate Speaker Pro Tempore, the Director of Outreach for the Trojan Advocates for Political Progress, and the President for the Society of Women in the Law. She has made an unwavering commitment to advocacy on the USC campus, particularly by way of progressive legislation in her role as USG Senator. Meagan has been involved with organizations from the National Panhellenic Council to Trojan Scholar Society and has demonstrated strength in leadership through diligent engagement and forward-thinking outspokenness.

Together, these women are excited to expand their work on and off campus.



Platform Points:

● Increase composting on campus
● Improve recycling resources on campus
● Reduce use of plastic bags and plastic straws on campus
● Solar panel installation throughout campus
● Expand community garden

Campus Resources
● Dining dollars in USC Village
● Fee waivers for transcript appeals
● Standardization of examination policies/extension of dead days
● Improve resources for housing insecure students
● Expand resources for USC food pantry
● Transfer Student Lounge

Campus Climate
● First Year Mentorship Program
● Expanded student involvement with university decision-making
● Expanded cultural centers
● Bi-monthly student-admin roundtable discussions to increase transparency and
● Bi-monthly student-DPS roundtable discussions to improve campus safety and
check law enforcement bias
● VKC Name Change
● Unionize Undergraduate Student Workers on Campus
Civic Engagement
● Enhancing civic engagement through high school outreach, subsidized GED testing
for USC employees/community members, and specified hours for public access to
USC facilities
● Homeless outreach – free haircuts bi-monthly, monthly clothing drive, bi-weekly
food drive
● Tuition remission for accepted students who are the children of custodial staff

Student Health
● Standardized counseling appointment wait-times in Engemann
● End preliminary phone consult for student counseling appointments
● Increase physical accessibility of campus buildings
● Full cost coverage for all STI/HIV screenings in Engemann
● Free transportation between Engemann and off-campus facilities when counselors
refer students off-campus
● Menstrual products in all on-campus restrooms