Laura Pearson

Senate Candidate


Hello, my name is Laura Pearson and I am running to be a Senator in your Undergrad Student Government. I am a recent transfer from Fresno City College in Fresno, CA. I believe that being a transfer student has allowed me to develop a unique perspective of USC and how as a community we can better ourselves. I currently am studying Philosophy and Cognitive Science. Studying within an area such as Philosophy allows one to gain critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is something that will allow me to function well as a Senator, as it is important to think rationally and objectively when making decisions that concern a great sum of people. I am passionate about making improvements concerning the university’s sustainability, transfer student community and housing, and program accessibility to low income students as well as food security. Together we can foster an environment, which produces nothing but quality.


Platform Points:

In today’s world it is more important than ever to increase sustainability efforts. This is an area
where USC has been lacking. The Sustainability 2020 Plan attempted to improve the university’s
sustainability, but fell short of reaching a significant amount of improvements.
Future sustainability plans need to…
– Set explicit numerical goals.
– Involve the surrounding community in sustainability efforts.
– Expand knowledge concerning sustainable practices within the Trojan Family.
Other moves toward sustainability…
– Reduce single use plastic within dining areas.
– Increase use of reusable bottles and access to refill stations in dorms and around campus.
– Encourage a decrease in single occupant cars.

Transfer Student Involvement
Moving to any new area is challenging, however, this is an especially heavy weight for transfer
– Increase the number of event specifically targeting transfer students during welcome week.
– Provide more housing options to incoming transfer students.

Program Accessibility & Food Security
Joining clubs and professional fraternities proves to be a challenge for many students,
financially. Within a community as tight net as the Trojan Family students should be able to
actively participant in whatever club they wish, regardless of the cost and the student’s own
financial standings.
– The creation of an undergraduate student fund would be beneficial to a great sum of students.
This fund would be devoted to assisting students pay for the cost of clubs they wish to join.
Many students who receive a Cal Grant are eligible to also receive Cal Fresh benefits. However,
students who are sophomores or higher and live in the Village are unable use Cal Fresh benefits
that they are eligible for; this is because of the dining plans that come with living in university
provided housing.
– Allow students who are eligible for Cal Fresh to deny use of dining plans and actively use Cal
Fresh benefits.

Study Spaces
Currently the university’s study spaces could be improved upon with regards to the times in
which they are available and the amount of students that they can accommodate at any given
– Produce more 24 hour study spaces or allow for libraries to be open for a longer period of
time per day.