Jacob Lind & Jacob Schwessinger

Senate Candidates

Jacob Lind Statement

Jacob Lind (he, him, his) is currently a Junior studying English Literature and History. He is running for the position of USG Senator for the 2018-2019 school year. Though he has not previously served in USG, Jacob has been immersed in campus politics and activism since he first arrived. In addition to serving on the Executive Board of Model United Nations of Southern California and as the Editor-in-Chief of Semantics Literary Magazine, Jacob was one of the founders of the Trojan Advocates for Political Progress (TAPP). Since the club’s founding in fall of 2016, Jacob has been a part of the club’s executive board in a variety of roles. Jacob hopes to bring the skills and insights that these positions have given him to the role of Senator so that he can give back to the USC community during his senior year.


Jacob Schwessinger Statement

Hello! My name is Jacob Schwessinger and I’m looking forward to representing the USC student body as an Undergraduate Student Government Senator. I’m a junior studying Political Science and Philosophy. I’m also involved with a number of student organizations on campus, notably Model United Nations and Trojan Advocates for Political Progress.

Over the last few years, I’ve committed to working in the public sector through spaces like the Los Angeles Public Law Library, Health Emergency Lifeline Programs, and the US Senate for my home state senator Gary Peters.

I look forward to working with my future colleagues as well as the university in order to make USC a campus where everyone feels welcome, safe, and empowered to succeed. Some prioritizing policies including accessible leadership stipends, permanently implementing menstrual products in campus bathrooms, and supporting the organizing efforts of university student workers.

Vote for the Jacobs this February 5-7! Fight On!



Platform Points:

Jacob and Jacob seek to reform to the way that the school addresses student safety on and off campus. This would include the following reforms:

  • Expanding access to mental health care resources at Engemann Student Health Center
  • Advocating for the addition of traffic safety features (speed bumps on the Row, light-up pedestrian warnings on University Avenue, etc.)
  • A bimonthly meeting between DPS administrators, student leaders (USG officials, Greek leaders, cultural assemblies, etc.), and the general public to give students a voice in the policy-making process of the department as well as providing a space for students to air their concerns and grievances Some other policies that Jacob and Jacob advocate for are:
  • The continued implementation of the New York Times pilot program which seeks to provide the student body with free access to the NYTimes

· Pursuing a fiscally responsible student government that will use its budget for the betterment of the student experience, particularly that of vulnerable and marginalized communities, at USC