Haley Garland & Sara Khoshniyati

Senate Candidates

Haley Garland Statement

I am currently a Sophomore majoring in political science with a minor in Law and Public Policy. I am a part of Greek life and Undergraduate Student Government. I had the opportunity to work as a Senate aide to Senator Max Geschwind this year and was able to learn and gain experience as well as contribute my own thoughts to Senators projects. I am currently working with Senator Geschwind to put 24/7 emergency contact numbers as well RSVP, counseling services, and DPS HSC number on the back of our student ID cards. I worked with the Student Health and Safety group to help fight sexual assault on campus. As a senator, I hope to combat issues that have been neglected on campus. My main target is sexual assault and mental health, more specifically the lack of resources made available for both issues. My goal is to help make USC a more progressive campus that recognizes the issues of students and offers reasonable and easily attainable help.


Sara Khoshniyati Statement

My name is Sara Khoshniyati and I’m a current sophomore studying Human Biology with a double minor in nutrition and health and healthcare studies. I am running to be your Senator because I aspire to execute campus wide initiatives that can serve the wellness needs of all USC students on campus.

As Residential Housing Association’s Director of Programming, I am responsible for planning and executing campus wide programs for all USC residents with a budget of over $150,000. I believe I have both the needed experience and passion to continue executing meaningful programs and initiatives that will benefit USC students. Over the past two years, I have also been involved in Mobile Clinic, a club that offers free healthcare to the Los Angeles homeless population, I am passionate about neurosurgery research especially focused on normal pressure hydrocephalus, and just recently traveled to the Dominican Republic with the organization Global Medical Training, to offer free healthcare to over 700 patients in rural villages.

I aspire to be a doctor because I want to provide healthcare to all populations that need it – but as a current student and an aspiring senator, I want to ensure that students receive all the resources they need to thrive – and this starts with improving the missing healthcare resources at USC. I want to be an advocate for students and prioritize their needs, both in and out of the classroom.



Platform Points:


  • Installation of permanent counseling services at Engemann Student Health Center, including: complimentary counseling services instead of referrals, employment of professional psychologists with varying specialties, and subset of psychologists aimed at helping victims of sexual assault
  • Installation of a safe space for victims of sexual assault – open 24/7 on campus with services aimed at helping victims understand the situation, helping them heal, and offering a space of compassion and empathy
  • Improving online resources for sexual assault to make navigating resources easier – Title IX and RSVP websites to provide clear information after an attack
  • Implementation of sexual assault reports, modeled after UC Berkeley’s Annual Report on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment that is available to students


Student Life and Sustainability:

  • Allowing the use of dining dollars at an increased number of restaurants and services at USC, including but not limited to: Target, Trader Joe’s, and other restaurant vendors
  • Work with restaurants around campus to introduce USC student discounts on commonly visited restaurants and stores, modeled after student discounts in Westwood restaurants and stores
  • Implementing a Spring Admit Mentorship Program and working to improve Spring Admit Student orientation to offer 2 day orientations, with an overnight stay
  • Increase the number of water fountains all over campus
  • Increase the number of recycling and compost bins, placed next to trash cans on campus
  • Incentivizing the use of more sustainable waste products in businesses on campus, such as the utilization of paper instead of plastic
  • Improving SJACS response to allegations related to Greek life – working to define a mandated protocol related to allegation response and ensuring every organization is entitled to due process
  • Extending library hours, so as to offer students more places to study/work
  • Extending gymnasium hours during finals week