Hailey Robertson & Julian Kuffour & Ben Rosenthal

Senate Candidates

Julian Kuffour Statement

My name is Julian Kuffour and I’m a freshman from Kansas City, majoring in Pharmacology and Drug Development. While I was in high school, I occupied a similar position to senator within our school’s student council organization. At USC, I’m a member of the debate team and a delegate for accessibility within USG’s Advocacy Branch. I’m very excited to pursue an opportunity to serve on USG’s Senate alongside Hailey Robertson and Ben Rosenthal, who are exceedingly intelligent leaders that I have learned countless lessons from in my time here. I adore getting to know the students at USC and I’d love to engage in more discussions with a variety of different student organizations to get a better idea of how to better USC for all of its students. I hope you will put your trust in me to advocate for a USC that caters to each individual!


Hailey Robertson Statement

I’m Hailey Robertson, a sophomore from Kansas majoring in Global Health. I’m running for Senate, alongside Ben Rosenthal and Julian Kuffour, to ensure that the movements for change underway at USC are heard by administration. I currently serve as Director of Accessibility Affairs for USG, Vice President of the debate squad, and Student Advisor for the Institute on Inequalities in Global Health. I am also involved in the Global Health Institute, the Security and Political Economy Lab, and the professional fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. Off campus, I’m the Managing Director of Project Consent. I’ve brought this non-profit to campus twice, collaborating with ResEd and SAGE to encourage dialogue about sexual violence. As a Senator, I will use the lessons I have learned from these communities, like the importance of advocacy and inclusion of diverse perspectives, to fight for initiatives that will make campus a safer, more enjoyable place for all.


Ben Rosenthal Statement

I am Ben Rosenthal, a sophomore majoring in Business, and I am thrilled to be running for Senate in USG alongside two of my closest friends, Hailey Robertson and Julian Kuffour! Through my experience the past two years serving both the advocacy and funding branches of USG, and through my involvement as the president of USC’s policy debate team, I have come to see the diversity of perspectives that exist on our campus, and I want to have an open ear to every student’s needs at USC. My current involvement on campus spans from Jewish groups such as Hillel, Chabad, and TAMID, to professional fraternities such as PAD, and these communities have shaped who I am today. As a Senator, I would aspire to expand my reach to serve both these communities, as well as countless other individuals who all share a crucial stake in this incredible community.


Platform Points:

Safety & Wellness

  • Mental health resource expansion
  • Extended hours and expanded radius for Lyft program
  • Rape kits and date rape drug testing at Engemann
  • Metro passes for students
  • Accessible food nutrition information

Student Life

  • Foster an improved relationship between Greek life and administration
  • Improve spring admit orientation and provide more resources for integration
  • Student representation on Board of Trustees
  • Grading deadline for faculty
  • Vending machine accessibility on campus
  • Increase funds allocated to RSO sponsored events
  • Adjust tailgate policy to reflect student interests

Hospitality and Residential

  • Kosher and Halal food availability in dining halls
  • Dining hall take-out container program
  • Extended gym and dining hall hours
  • Ability to use dining dollars at USC Village
  • Access to laundry and printing with Student ID