Gabriel Savage & Andrew Fowler & Randi Anderson

Senate Candidates

Gabriel Savage Statement

My name is Gabriel Savage and I am running to be one of the student senators in Undergraduate Student Government! As a sitting senator, I can testify to the job’s demanding nature. I’m well suited for another term not only because my experience has made me better at the job, but also because I now have an eye for the real problems that plague this campus. USC has not fulfilled their promise of increased transparency. USG needs representatives who bring an element of continuity to their leadership style. As an incumbent candidate, I bring that continuity, both in my positional experience and in the relationships I’ve already formed with decision-makers in USC’s administration. This year has been a tumultuous one for USC, and the student body must do everything it can to maintain its voice. Cast your vote for someone who is willing to fight for your voice. Vote Savage.


Andrew Fowler Statement

My name is Andrew Fowler and as current senate aide I have had the privilege of facilitating change on campus alongside Senator Gabe Savage this semester. By meeting with administrators, organizing the framework for initiatives and by constantly looking for ways to improve campus climate I have developed a clear depiction of the requirements of this job. As a member of the LGBT community I am especially passionate about improving the physical spaces for cultural assemblies on campus. Furthermore, as a pre-med student at USC I am also determined to improve the academic atmosphere for students whilst also advocating for increased safety and wellness on campus.


Randi Anderson Statement

My name is Randi Anderson and I am new to student government. I am running for senate to bring a fresh perspective to USC’s most powerful means of bringing about change. Because I am a student in the Thornton School of Music, I offer a perspective that may be overlooked by other candidates. As a woman of color, I plan to diversify student leadership and bring attention to groups that are underrepresented in campus climate. I am an unwavering voice that cares deeply about the success of the university in its ability to educate both academically and socially. I’m confident in my ability to represent people that are often neglected. My objective as your representative is making sure everyone is heard.



Platform Points:

Staff EMTs on the row
a. Work with EMSC to facilitate the placement of EMTs on the row during the weekends and other places of high medical incidence

Improve accessibility for the cultural assemblies
a. Improve the physical spaces for cultural assemblies, such as the lavender lounge.
b. Increase the amount of resources provided by assemblies to students

Syllabus Bank
a. Create a universal collection of syllabi for USC courses that can be accessed by all students prior to course registration

4 units free audit
a. Present students with the opportunity to expand or specialize their academic career for a more fulfilling college experience.
b. Allow students to engage with the material without the pressures of grades helping or hindering their GPA

Restructure arts committee(s)
a. Propose modifying USG bylaws to create several committees representative of the arts rather than a single performing arts committee
i. Proposed subsections would include (at least) theatre, music, and the visual arts
b. Fund musicians that attend USC to promote the development of local artists
ii. Allocate a portion of the Concerts budget to events promoting existing artists at USC. Supporting artists that attend this institution by funding their craft serves the artist themselves and the student population as a whole.

Restructure spring admit system
a. Address poor communication between spring admissions coordinators and spring admits
b. Designate dorm/space for spring admits

Restructure dining hall meal plans to accommodate for low income students
a. Adjust pricing for apartment meal plan
b. Make apartment meal plan non-mandatory

Parking permits
a. Permits frequently cost over $1000 a year. That’s simply too much.

Information accessibility
a. Standardize/compile information in a database/calendar of events throughout organizations on campus

a. USC’s recent scandals remind us that accountability established through trust and transparency between the administration and students is paramount.
b. A breakdown of how the student health fee is spent should be publicly available.

Advocate for USC’s professors by encouraging the establishment of a pay floor for non-tenured professors