Emily Donahue & Christopher McMorran

Senate Candidates

Emily Donahue Statement

Hello! My name is Emily Donahue and I’m a sophomore studying Pharmacology and Health Policy! I am running for Senate because I feel that there is a disconnection between USG and the student population, and I want to ensure that our student government embodies its mission: to represent and serve all students. I currently serve as the Senate’s parliamentarian, were I have gained immense exposure to the legislative branch and institutional knowledge. On campus, I am involved in: Greek Life, Peer Health Exchange, Trojan Scholar Society, USC Ski and Snowboard Team and the Society of Women in the Law! I am also a Norman Topping and Presidential Scholar. Coming from a low-income and first-generation background, I also want increase representation for these communities. If elected, I will work to empower each student’s voice, promoting equity throughout our campus, and working to ensure the best undergraduate experience for all students!


Christopher McMorran Statement

It can be easy to forget the spirit of USC these days – the idea of a world class education as a member of the Trojan Family has been overshadowed by scandal and outrage far too many times. We can change this. I hope to use my experience working with Trojan students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni in the School of Cinematic Arts, USG, Norman Topping, Student Affairs, Admissions, and more to empower every single student to make the most out of their time here and beyond. We need to make sure that all members of our USC community have equitable access to university resources, with no one left behind. And most importantly, we must work to give students a permanent seat at the decision-making table to ensure that USC is run in the best interest of students for generations to come. I hope you’ll join me in this mission.


Platform Points:

1. Increase USG transparency within the organization, and expand collaboration with other campus organizations
2. Work towards permanent student representation on the USC Board of Trustees
3. Implement Town Hall meetings for students to ensure that all voices on campus are being heard—and that there is a physical space for students to voice opinions and concerns
4. Create and strengthen mentorship programs for first-generation and underrepresented minority students that are tailored to specific needs
5. Work with USC Transportation services to implement Shuttles to LAX and expanded “Fryft” services
6. Increase student awareness of underutilized campus resources already included with tuition