Benjamin Shiff

Senate Candidate


Hi USC! My name is Benjamin Shiff, and I am a sophomore studying Communication and Cinema and Media Studies. I love this school and am honored to run for USG Senate. My goal in being elected is to work closely with students of diverse viewpoints to make their voices heard and make a tangible difference through immediate and impactful contributions. USC is an amazing school with so much energy and some of the most passionate students in the country, and I believe I can channel this energy and passion to elevate the student experience at USC. By working to make it a safer, more welcoming, and more pro-student environment, I am confident that I can make USC better than it already is. I will advocate for arts organizations, Greek Life, and individual students to give them the tools to succeed. Only after I achieve these missions will I consider myself successful. I look forward to making USC the best it can be! Fight on!


Platform Points:


In order to transform USC from a school into a home for its Trojans, I am going to work to ensure that every decision made by the administration is done for the benefit of every student.  

For USC to achieve the status of becoming a home, it must be a safe haven for Trojans. Therefore, I am going to institute Title IX and mental health training for the executive board of every organization every year, to make sure our student leaders are reminded of the resources and rules out there. In a massive school such as USC, it is hard to know about all of the resources out there to help you. This training program, developed by students for students, will make this information and help more accessible to every student, and will prepare our student leadership for real world issues.

Through my position on USG I will be an advocate for the Greek life community to the administration, and work to make sure unfair edicts passed against Greek life cannot stand. There has never truly been cooperation between USG and the fraternity and sorority councils, and I would like to change that. USG is meant to represent the entire student body, and these councils represent a large population of students. I will also work to bring tailgates back to the fraternities on gameday because they help with campus pride.

I will work with the performing arts groups on campus to ensure their work can be done in a more efficient way, that they can worry less about bureaucracy and focus on their craft. Currently, theater rental costs and other various rules of the theaters make it expensive and difficult for performing arts groups to create the work they want to create, and at a school with some of the most talented students in the world, this is an issue. I want to work with the various artistic communities at USC and create a committee within USG to facilitate the funding, room rental, and other bureaucracy so that these groups can focus on their art. Providing more artistic opportunities for our students leads to a more vibrant campus life, with more events and shows for other students to attend.