Angela Chuang & Emily Johnson

Senate Candidates

Angela Chuang Statement

My name is Angela Chuang, and I’m thrilled to be running for Senate. I am a second-year transfer student studying Political Science. Candidate Emily Johnson, and I are running together to promote initiatives on Health and Wellness, Student Services, and Academic Resources. We are striving to improve the student experience for the entire student body, including marginalized groups on campus. This past year, I had the honor of serving as a senate aide for Senator Amy Chong, where I was able to shadow her and work together on transfer student initiatives. In addition to campus-wide initiatives, I hope to continue the work that Senator Chong has started for the transfer student community, which includes expanding transfer housing resources and orientation. If elected, I promise to strive to advocate for the transfer student community and the USC undergraduate student body as a whole.


Emily Johnson Statement

My name is Emily Johnson, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for next year’s Undergraduate Student Government Senate! I am currently a freshman pursuing a dual major in Business Administration and French. Candidate Angela Chuang and I are running on a slate together as we commonly aspire to better USC in the areas of Health and Wellness, Student Services, and Academic Resources. In particular, I am passionate about combating sexual assault on campus and providing better resources for First Generation Students like myself. This past year I had the honor of serving as Senator Jillian Halperin’s Senate Aid. In doing so, I established a love for USG and this campus and learned how to competently and effectively assess student concerns. I would love nothing more than to serve as one of your senators next year and to make USC a campus for all students involved.


Platform Points:

Health and Wellness

  • Expansion of emergency services at Engemann Health Center to help students avoid costly ambulance/hospital bills
  • Redesign of Engemann Website so that it is more visually appealing and functional for students and staff (in particular, for students using it in the case of emergencies or in the case of reporting sexual assault)
  • Gain free access to the Calm app for USC students again and improve upon the Mindful USC App
  • Have more mental health professionals at Engemann in order to reduce the time students have to wait for a counseling appointment

Sexual Assault Prevention

  • Expansion of bystander programs to reach more RSO’s and all leadership of Greek Life to heighten awareness on how to prevent sexual assault and medical emergencies
  • Advocate for improved or in person workshops to replace the Safety and Wellness online courses required for freshman

Student Services and Community Integration

  • Mentorship programs for First Generation students, International students, Spring Admit students, and Transfer students to assist their assimilation to university life
  • Provide a physical, non-exclusive space for all students to feel at home on our campus
  • First Generation Students

Better delivery of resources before semester starts

Programs/workshops throughout the year that aim to connect First Generation students with fellow First Generation students and student wellness resources

  • Transfer Students

Expand orientation program to encompass two days

Expand housing opportunities and resources

Create a physical space for transfer students

Academic Reforms

  • Require more detailed course descriptions on Web Registration, especially for the Freshman General Education Seminars
  • Create a syllabus bank or require more departments to post syllabi for transparency of course expectations before the semester begins


  • Provide recycle/compost bins in the USC Village Dining Hall
  • Increase awareness of how to properly dispose of food at all dining halls