Shayan Kohanteb


Platform Points:

  • Greek life was unfairly impacted by USC’s decision that freshman can no longer join fraternities and sororities in the upcoming school year. This matter needs to be reviewed and reversed, and I will work to assure that it does. In addition, I will push to remove the limit on tailgates on the row. Game day is about celebrating SC and so the more celebrations the better.
  • I want to create a Venture Capital group within Marshall, run by Trojans for Trojans. This group will use funds from our university’s endowment to help support Trojan products, projects and start up. A percentage of the revenue of these groups produce will given back to USC so it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!
  • USC tuition is amongst the highest in the nation and neither our students nor their hardworking families deserve to struggle financially. I will work with the administration to lower the cost of tuition and create more scholarships to support Trojans.
  • After the active shooter incident on campus in the fall semester, I realized how imperative it is for our faculty to trained in disaster scenarios. I would set up mandatory faculty training seminars to ensure our students safety.