Meagan Lane

Senate Candidate

Platform Points:

My platform is designed to address specific issues with simple solutions that will enhance the overall experience for students at USC:

  • Diversity
    • Specific gubernatorial branch for diversity-based committees
    • Notes: USC’s cultural committees are currently included in the Student Government’s Programming Board (along with subgroups like Concerts Committee and Service Student Assembly). Creating a specific branch for diversity-related organizations will improve access to funding, centralize communication and activity between groups, and strengthen the attention to issues concerning students belonging to marginalized groups.
  • Visibility
    • Transparent discussion of campus issues
    • Notes: Students should be made privy to any major events or problems affecting the campus before news is made accessible to the general public.
  • Affordability
    • Improving scholarship accessibility
    • Notes: Any student being considered for scholarship upon admission should be allowed a complimentary campus visit to complete his/her eligibility interview. Continuing students should have access to a centralized scholarship database, especially for housing and study abroad.
  • Entertainment
    • Creation of new spaces for student entertainment
    • Introducing dining dollars to USC village eateries
    • Notes: Entertainment off campus can be costly! Areas like Café 84 could be rearranged to include on-campus entertainment for students looking for things to do.