Matt Crane & Diviya Gupta

Senate Candidates

Platform Points:

● Staff Emergency Medical Technicians from the Emergency Medical Services of USC on the row and other areas with higher incidence of medical emergencies, ensuring a rapid medical response from trained personnel, rather than DPS officers (who have little to no formal medical education)
● Provide comprehensive date rape drug testing at Engemann – ensuring that victims receive effective and timely care before drugs may be eliminated from their systems
● Extend gym and dining hall hours to allow students more access to on-campus activities late at night
● Increase the presence, accountability, and training of security ambassadors (yellow-jackets) to ensure student security
● Incorporate comprehensive active shooter response training into student programming events, such as freshman orientation and Resident Assistant training
● Supplement current earthquake and fire safety preparedness kits provided to the residential education community with increased RA training on the use of such materials
● Provide students with metro tap cards and guidance on use to increase safe student accessibility to the surrounding Los Angeles area
● Incorporate basic life support skills, such as hands-only CPR and first aid for choking into student programming events
● Implement classes focused on emergency preparedness (CPR training, EMT certification, etc.) and lifestyle education classes (healthy cooking, mindfulness, etc.) in Engemann and on-campus gyms
● Increase amnesty and Good Samaritan policies for student organizations to encourage student medical transportation when necessary
● Remove the fee for flu shots for all USC students and faculty at Engemann and send a widespread email notification when flu shots are available each year