Manda Bwerevu & Jillian Halperin & Jacquelyne Tan

Senate Candidates

Platform Points:

Health & Wellness
• Improve accessibility, awareness, and experience of seeking out physical and mental healthcare resources for all students
• Advocate for transparency with the student health fee
• Promote safe sexual health by attempting to increase the number of STD/STI tests covered by USC insurance
Community & Cultural Integration
• Encouragement of cross-cultural interaction and events by working alongside executive members of cultural organizations
• Student mentorship programs for smoother integration of international students, transfer students and spring admits
• Implement non-exclusive spaces for students to relax on campus and interact with each other, encouraging a more inclusive and collaborative community
Safety Procedures
• Improve awareness of campus emergency procedures and communication systems
• Improve the relationship between USC students and DPS officers
Academic Initiatives
• Mandatory mid semester professor feedback and review to allow classes to be better adjusted for optimal learning of the students
• Increase accountability of professors and TAs in timely grading of assignments and exams by having deadlines for professors as well
• Address the issue of spring admits not having a GPA until the end of their freshman year of college at USC which restricts their ability to become involved in clubs and their eligibility for scholarships
• Address the issue of spring admits’ fall semester GPA not being accounted for as part of their cumulative GPA until their final year of University which restricts their eligibility for clubs, scholarships, and internships for the duration of their college career.
• Syllabus database to create a more comprehensive idea of potential classes and avoid unnecessary schedule changes