Debbie Lee & Blake Ackerman

President & Vice President Candidates

Platform Points:

• University-wide diversity and sexual assault training for faculty and staff
• Speed bumps on Greek row
• Establishment of a formalized system for ensuring student safety at Greek life events
• Plan B vending machines available at Engemann
• Establishment of rest & meditation spaces on campus
Enhanced Student Experience
• Increased parking options for commuter students (i.e. only permitted for certain
days of the week)
• Proposition of Transfer Resource Center
• Expansion of cultural resource centers
• Increased collaboration between USG and other student organizations
• Diversity hiring metrics within USG
• Weekly luncheons with different groups and leaders on campus
• Proposition of an economic crisis response team on campus
• Bereavement excuse
Campus Climate
• Monitoring the pilot program of the First Year Student Development Course and
evaluating its impact
• Greek-University relationship statement
• Annual line-item budget of where tuition money is distributed to increase tuition transparency
• Greater access to composting and recycling bins
• Effective dining hall food disposal system