Amy Chong & Michaela Murphy & Gabriel Savage

Senate Candidates

Platform Points:

Discounted metro passes for undergraduate students

  • Plan with LA Metro and USC administration to expand the existing contract that offers discounted metro passes to USC graduate students to current USC undergraduate students

Information accessibility

  • Standardize/compile information databases/calendar events throughout organizations on campus
    • Ideally create a collaborative and standardized space for all events to be publicized and accessible to students on campus, rather than sifting through multiple different platforms for information access
    • One coherent USC smartphone application can be created which compiles all of this information

Expanding resources/physical spaces for multi-cultural spaces

  • This includes the DREAM center, mental health centers, transfer center, Lavender Lounge, etc.
  • The physical spaces as well as the counseling services provided here are hugely important and must be preserved and expanded to help ensure that all students on this campus have the resources they need to make this campus a comfortable and safe home for themselves

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in Engemann

  • This form of healthcare ought to be accessible and affordable to all USC students (both opting in and opting out of USC health insurance) who may choose to opt in to this service

More mental health professionals should be hired at Engemann

  • Oftentimes students will have to wait several weeks for a counseling appointment, and for many students, this wait is too long
  • Currently the staff to student ratio at USC is considerably lower than what is proven to be the ideal ratio of counselors to students in a university setting.

Student health services fee

  • The ways in which this money is used and what programs it goes towards ought to be transparent to all students paying this several hundred dollar fee

Transfer student initiatives

  • Summer preview
  • Orientation
  • Physical transfer space
  • Guaranteed transfer housing

Gender neutral bathrooms should be present and accessible in main buildings throughout campus, not simply present in buildings on the periphery of the campus.

Dining Halls

  • Kosher and Halal dining options should be implemented throughout all of our USC dining halls

Meal Plans

  • Unused meal swipes and dining dollars should roll over into the following semester rather than be wasted.